Booking documents

Documents to fill in to confirm a reservation
after taking first contact


We are pleased to offer you the reservation of a stay in our guest rooms.

The procedure for making a pre-booking:

  1. After reading the terms and conditions of sale, and having accepted them.
  2. Pre-fill the rental agreement, and send as soon as possible to block the dates.
  3. When you have received in return by email our rental agreement signed in PDF format.
  4. We return it, signed and dated, together with the payment the down payment

Hoping that this proposal will hold your attention, we send you our sincere greetings.

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RENTAL CONTRACT of a Bed and Breakfast 
(Direct Rental)
This document is not an invoice


Mme Joe Rivallant et M. Idais Jean-Luc
l’ Embellie
9, avenue Georges Pompidou
49400 St-Hilaire-St-Florent
Country : France
Tél : (+33) 7 84 38 19 72
Courriel :



(do not forget to check the name (s) of your choice)

Fleur de LysFleur de ThéFleur d'Eau

How many nights ? nights


of between 17H30 et 21h30 at by 10h30


Animals accepted: NO 

Smoking inside: NO 

Holiday checks accepted: NO 

Gift voucher Gite de France: NO


Fleur de Lys = 85€ X
Fleur de Thé = 80€ X
Fleur d'Eau = 70€ X

The balance of an amount of EUROS is to pay us before arrival.

The price of the night is for a room. Breakfast included. The tourist tax is included as well. Wifi included


We offer on request, the Table d'Hôte at a price of 25 € / person (a 50cl pitcher of wine + an aperitif included + a jug of water) 

We also offer dinner trays for 2 at the price of € 15 / set ( Earth, Sea or Cheese), the 50cl pitcher at 5 € or the 75cl pitcher at 8 €

To facilitate our organization, can you tell us if you will be: 
Interested in dinner trays upon arrival ?

Interested in the host table upon arrival ?  YESNO

You can change your mind the week before your arrival and let us know.

Prices are inclusive of taxe

I, the undersigned, Mr. or Mrs.  declare to agree with the terms of the lease.

and have read the terms and conditions.I accept them

A the
(Signature of the customer preceded by the handwritten mention "Read and Approved")

Terms of Sales

Clause 1 : Object

The general conditions of sale set out here make clear the rights and obligations of the company Embellie and her client called « host » with regard to its accommodation and provision of services: accommodation, breakfast, toiletries.

All of the services provided by the company Embellie therefore entails the complete agreement of the host as to the general conditions of sale as described in this document.

When booking through the website Embellie ( ) various documents will be sent by e-mail confirming your reservation.

Clause 2 : Price

The selling prices of the goods are the same as those prevailing at the time of receipt of the order. These prices are stated in euros in TTC. The bill count will show a tax-free amount, a VAT amount and a total in all taxes.

The company Embellie is entirely free to modify its rates at any time. However, it is obliged to invoice the prices of services displayed according to the prices indicated at the time of taking the order.

Clause 3 : Discounts and rebates

The prices applied include discounts and rebates that Embellie could offer depending on its results or the assumption by the host of certain services.

Clause 4 : Discount

In case of advance payment, no discount will be granted.

Clause 5 : Terms of payment

Payment of orders can be done:

  • Or by check;
  • By Paypal by clicking on:  me/embellie49
  • Wire Transfer ;

Upon check-in, the host will pay a deposit of 50% of the total price of the invoice, the balance must be paid 15 days before arrival. If the delay between check-in and check-in is less than 15 days, the host will pay 100% of the price upon booking.

Clause 6 : Late payment

If there is a total or partial non-payment of the service on the date of departure, the host will have to pay to the company Embellie a late penalty of a value equivalent to three times the rate of the legal interest.

The rate of legal interest retained corresponds to that prevailing at the date of the service.

From 1 st January 2015, the statutory rate of interest will be reviewed every 6 months (Ordinance No. 2014-947 of 20 August 2014).

The penalty is deducted following a calculation on the amount inclusive of the sum remaining due, and is applicable from the date of expiry of the price without any prior notice.

In addition to the late payment, any sum, including the down payment, not paid on its due date will irreversibly result in the payment of a fixed compensation amounting to 40 euros due for recovery costs.

Articles 441-6, I paragraph 12 and D. 441-5 of the French Commercial Code.

Clause n ° 7 : Clause resolutory

If it happens that in the fifteen days before his arrival, the host has not paid the sums remaining due, the reservation will be canceled and the room will be available for the customers.

Clause 8 : Retention of title clause

The company Embellie owns the goods made available to customers. Customers will have to comply with the general rules for the use of the places and services provided.

Clause n ° 9 : Arrival

  • The host will have to inform the receptionist his approximate time of arrival on the spot at the latest before 15:00 on the day of his arrival.

Clause n ° 10 : Force majeure                                                  

In the event of force majeure, Embellie can not assume any responsibility for non-performance or delay in performing any of the obligations described in this document. We mean by force majeure, any external event, unforeseeable and irresistible within the meaning of Article 11148 of the Civil Code.

Clause 11 : Competent court

Any dispute in connection with the interpretation and execution of these general conditions of sale is subject to French law.

If a friendly resolution is not found, the dispute will be brought before the Commercial Court.

Done at Saumur on the 10/05/2019


9 Rue Georges Pompidou 49400 Saumur

(signature of the client) (signature of the Embellie representative)